September 21st @ The Seahorse Tavern (Halifax, NS) 19+ – w/ Outlyrs and Blunt Cousin




Saturday, August 12th @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS) 19+ – w/The Agonist

Saturday, July 1st @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS) 19+ – Canada Day Mayhem

Sunday, May 21st @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS) 19+ – Get a Leg Up Fundraiser

Saturday, April 29th – (Saint John, NB) 19+ – East Coast Music Awards Official Showcase

Friday, April 21st @ Montes Show Bar & Grill (Halifax, NS) 19+ – April Assault IX

Friday, March 31st @ Menz & Mollyz Bar (Halifax, NS) 19+ – w/ Dumpster Mummy & Voltang

Friday, March 17th @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS) 19+ – St. Patrick’s Day


Saturday, November 19th @ The Levee (St. John’s, NL) 19+ – 709 Metalfest 12 w/ Deadgaard, The Combine and Allagash.

Friday, November 18th @ The Factory (St. John’s, NL) 19+ – 709 Metalfest 12 w/ Cauldron, Warsenal, Emblem and Winterhearth.

Saturday, November 12th at Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS) 19+ – Mettalfest V w/ Black Moor, Doom Machine, Hitman and Non Stop Action

Thursday, November 3rd @ Belly Up BBQ & Grill (Truro, NS) 19+ – Nova Scotia Music Week – Official Showcase 2016

Saturday, October 22nd @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS) 19+ | Official HPX Showcase with: Kronos, First Fragment & Dumpster Mummy

Friday, September 16th @ The Seahorse Tavern (Halifax, NS) 19+ – Orchid’s Curse 10 Year Anniversary show with special guests: Jessie Brown & Black Moor. 10pm / $10

Saturday, August 13th @ FunHouse 13 (Dartmouth, NS) – with Dumpster Mummy & Dirt Stache

Saturday, July 23rd @ Exhibition Grounds (Windsor, NS) – Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival 4

4x4x4 East Coast Tour 2016 w/Death Valley Driver, Dischord & Hero’s Last Rite


Friday, April 8th @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS) with Kalmah, Vesperia and Enemy Designed. | 10pm / $15/adv – $20/dos.

TerminaTOUR 2016

March 12th @ The Capital Complex (Fredericton, NB) with: SpineSplitter



Friday, October 16th at Gus’ Pub & Grill,
Fuck The Facts with special guests: Orchid’s Curse, Cottus & Dumpster Mummy!

Saturday, August 15th @ Oasis Pub & Eatery
Noisem, Homewrecker, Orchid’s Curse & Behold, The Conqueror

East Coast Loud Tour

Friday, April 24th @ Montes Showbar (19+)
w/ Non Stop Action, Hitman, Novichok + more

Thursday, April 16th @ Gus’ Pub (19+)
w/ Forward Unto Dawn, Like Animals and Oceanic

Saturday, March 28th @ Gus’ Pub (19+)
w/ Black Crown Initiate, Hitman and Resign First Responder



Saturday, Dec 13th @ Gus’ Pub
w/ Last Call Chernobyl, MVMNTS & Scumgrief

Saturday, Nov 8th @ Royal Canadian Legion
w/ Dumpster Mummy, Last Call Chernobyl & Black Moor
 (All Ages)

Friday, Oct 4th @ The Seahorse Tavern
w/ Ambition, Alfie & Death Valley Driver 

Friday, Oct 3rd @ Hunter’s Ale House
w/ Death Valley Driver and Eleventh Hour

Friday, Sept 12th @ The Marquee
w/ Every Time I Die, Counterparts & Expire

Friday, June 6th & Saturday, July 7th @ The Levee (St. John’s, NL) 
w/ ToShredYouSay?, Nuke’Em, The Combine, Appian, Devastator + Torn (19+)

Thursday, June 19th @ Michael’s Bar & Grill
w/ BISON & The Holy Snappers (19+)

Friday, May 30th @ Michael’s Bar & Grill
w/ Old Blood + Scoop Outs (19+)

Saturday, April 5th @ Hunter’s Ale House (Charlottetown, PE)
ECMW LOUD SHOWCASE w/ The Motorleague, Death Valley Driver, Black Moor + More. (19+)

Saturday, March 15th @ Teasers Lounge (Amherst, NS)
w/ Death Valley Driver & Last Call Chernobyl (19+)

Saturday, March 8th @ The Seahorse (Halifax, NS)
w/ Take Part, Old Blood, Carmen Townsend, Rain Over St. Ambrose and Jessie Brown  (19+)

Friday, March 7th @ Hunter’s Ale House (Charlottetown, PE)
w/ Death Valley Driver & Pipe Dreams (19+)



Thursday, November 15th @ Michael’s Bar & Grill
w/Dischord, Ear to Ear and Inviting End (19+)

Thursday, November 7th @ NSMW (Sydney, NS) (19+)

Friday, November 1st @ Baba’s Lounge
w/Death Valley Driver & Uncle (19+)

Saturday, October 26th @ Michael’s Bar and Grill
KEN mode, Full of Hell and Weed Thief (19+)

Wednesday, Sept 18th @ Gus’ Pub, Halifax NS
w/Fuck the Facts, Cottus & Burnt Church (19+)

Friday, August 30th @ Gus’ Pub, Halifax NS
Metal Mouth Media 3year Party w/Great Sabatini, Broken Ohms and Cicada (19+)

Saturday, August 10th @ Douglas St. Rec Centre – Truro, NS
w/Sanktuary, Dumpster Mummy, Spinesplitter +more (All-Ages)

Thursday , July 25th @ Michael’s Bar And Grill
w/Bombing of Dresden + Oceanic (19+)

Saturday, July 6th @ Shakedown Ranch, NB
ROCKABONGA w/The Motorleague, Black Moor, Sanktuary +more (All-Ages – Camping on site)

Friday, July 5th @ Michael’s Bar & Grill
D5R 7 Year Anniversary w/ Black Moor, Dischord & Cottus (19+)

Saturday, May 25th @ Michael’s Bar (Video Release Party)
w/ Black Moor & Ear To Ear (19+)


BOGUS JOURNEY TOUR w/ BIIPIIGWAN                                                                                 4/4 – HAMILTON, ON – DOORS PUB

Friday, March 22nd @ The Seahorse Tavern (Halifax, NS) 
‘Words’ CD Release Party w/Black Moor & Pith (19+)

Saturday March 9th @ The Pavilion (Halifax, NS)
w/ Black Moor, The Motorleague + more! (All-Ages)

Saturday, February 16th @ Michael’s Bar (Halifax, NS) 
w/Cancer Bats, Dance Laury Dance and Oceans Will Rise (19+)

Friday, January 25th @  The Pavilion (Halifax, NS) 
w/Abandon All Ships, Of Vice And Virture & Long Live (All-Ages)

January 11th @ Michael’s Bar (Halifax, NS) 
w/The Bad Labs, Slumlord & The Adhesives (19+)



Friday, December 7th @ Michael’s Bar (Halifax, NS) 
w/North End Metal All-Stars and Old Blood (19+)

Thursday, November 9th @ Alley 9
Molson Canadian Nova Scotia Music Week Showcase (12:45am – 1:15am)

Saturday, October 27th @ Gus’ Pub
Halloween Show w/Terratomb and Cottus  (19+)

Thursday, October 11th @ Michael’s Bar
Fundraiser for the movie “PRESENCE” w/Vanessa Furlong + EMC (fr. Three Sheet), Jason Szeto and Big Game Hunt.  (19+)

Saturday, September 21st @ Michael’s (Halifax NS)
D5R 6YR Anniversary Party (19+)

Friday, August 17th @  Baba’s Lounge (Charlottetown, PEI)
w/Death Valley Driver & Last Call Chernobyl (19+ show),

Saturday, August 11th @ The Bus Stop Theatre (Halifax, NS)
Black Moor ‘Lethal Waters’ CD release w/ Helm (19+)

Saturday, July 21st @ The Kentville Rec Center (Kentville, NS)
w/Black Moor, Minion and Doom Machine (all-ages)

Saturday, July 14th @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS)
w/Derelict, Cottus, Dumpster Mummy & Bombing of Dresden

Friday, July 13th @ Baba’s Lounge (Charlottetown, PEI)
w/Death Valley Driver & Credgidence (19+ show)

June 30th @ The Manhattan (Moncton, NB) w/ 3 Inches of Blood  + Death Valley Driver
July 1st @ Michael’s (Halifax, NS) w/ 3 Inches of Blood  + Black Moor
July 2nd @ Nicky Zee’s (Fredericton, NB) w/ 3 Inches of Blood + Hero’s Last Rite

Friday, June 1st @ Michael’s Bar
w/DISSECTIONAL (A Tribute to Tool)

Monday, May 28th @ The Pavilion 
w/The Black Dahlia Murder, Exhumed and Fuck the Facts (All-ages)

Saturday, April 21st @ Olympic Hall (Halifax, NS)
Live Taping for the National TV Program The Candy Show.  For Free Tickets please email:

Friday, April 2oth @ The Pavilion (Halifax, NS)
w/Last Call Chernobyl, Planetate, My Friend Grimm & Dumpster Mummy (All-Age show)

Thursday, April 5th @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS)
w/First to Fall, Planetate and Levels. (19+ show)

Saturday, March 17th @ The Seahorse (Halifax, NS)
w/Iron Giant, Rolly n’ the Navy Brats & DJPJ (19+ show)

Saturday, March 10th @ The Bus Stop Theatre (Halifax, NS)
Mayhem’s Eve (Noisography’s 3rd Anniversary)
w/Last Call Chernoby, For the Hollow & My Friend Grim (All-Age show)

Saturday, Feb 25th @ Knights of Columbus (Yarmouth, NS)
w/Cicada, Defective Perception, Novichok, Ear to Ear +More (All-Age show)

Friday, Feb 24th @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS)
PITH EP RELEASE w/Pith & Shevil (19+ show)



Thursday, November 3rd @ Dooly’s (Yarmouth, NS)
Molson Canadian Nova Scotia Music Week 2011
w/Sanktuary, We’re Doomed, Broken Ohms, Black Moor and Last Call Chernobyl

Saturday, Oct 29th @ Wolfville Lion’s Club (Wolfville, NS)
w/Black Moor, Minion & Inmortis

Friday, October 21st @ The Halifax Pavilion (Halifax, NS)
2011 Halifax Pop Explosion Loud Showcase (All-Ages)
w/We’re Doomed, She Kills & Animal Faces

Thursday, October 20th @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS)
2011 Halifax Pop Explosion Loud Showcase (19+)
w/Unexpect, The Last Felony, Death Valley Driver and Obsydian

Saturday, September 24th @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS)
w/ Black Moor, Death Valley Driver, Dischord & Last Call Chernobyl

Wednesday, August 31st @ The Seahorse (Halifax, NS)
w/ Orchid’s Curse, Cicada, Cobra Camero & Miss Molotov

w/ Misery Index, Fuck the Facts, Unbreakable Hatred
-AUG 19th @ The Manhattan (Moncton, NB)
-AUG 20th @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS) – ‘THRASHFEST V’
-AUG 21st @ Baba’s Lounge (Charlottetown, PE)

Thursday, July 28th @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS)
Kevin Hall (aka U-HALL) Benefit Show
w/We’re Doomed, A Sight For Sewn Eyes & Jason Szeto

Saturday, July 23rd @ (Yarmouth, NS)
w/Norris, Misguided Aggression, Last Call Chernobyl & We’re Doomed

Thursday, July 21st @ The Halifax Forum MPC (Halifax, NS)
w/Children of Bodom, Obscura, A Sight for Sewn Eyes & Last Call Chernobyl

Friday, June 24th @ Montes Show Bar (Dartmouth, NS)
Official Video Release Party for ‘The Workhorse Walks Alone’
w/Black Moor & Death Valley Driver

Sunday, May 22nd @ The Halifax Forum (Halifax, NS)
Maritime Tattoo Festival Live Performance 8:00pm

Friday, May 20th @ Nicky Zees (Fredericton, NB)
w/Baptized in Blood & Hero’s Last Rite

Thursday, May 19th @ The Manhattan (Moncton, NB)
w/Baptized in Blood & Dischord

Friday, May 13th @ The Paragon (Halifax, NS)
w/Cancer Bats, 3 Inches of Blood, A Sight for Sewn Eyes & Black Moor

Saturday April 16th @ ISE’ Bar (Charlottetown, PEI)
ECMA Loud Showcase

Saturday April 9th @ Teazer’s Bar (Amherst, NS)
East Coast Loud Tour

Friday, April 8th @ Coconut Grove (Halifax, NS)
East Coast Loud Tour

Saturday April 2nd @ Nicky Zee’s (Fredericton, NB)
East Coast Loud Tour

Saturday, March 26th @ The Pavilion (Halifax, NS)
w/We, the Undersigned, Last Call Chernobyl + Severance

Friday, February 4th @ The Paragon (Halifax, NS)
w/Dissectional + Last Call Chernobyl

Friday, January 21st @ Coconut Grove (Halifax, NS)
w/Greber + We’re Doomed



Friday, November 19th @ Gus’ Pub (Halifax, NS)
w/Cicada + Defective Perception

Friday, November 12th @ The Manhattan (Moncton, NB)
w/Death Valley Driver + Manlord

Thursday, November 4th @ Dooly’s (Yarmouth, NS)
NS Music Week Loud Showcase
w/Black Moor, Broken Ohms,

Sunday, October 31st @ The Paragon (Halifax, NS)
Stanfields Benefit Show

Saturday, October 23rd @ Coconut Grove (Halifax, NS)
D5R Loud Showcase at HPX 2010
w/Martyr, Vilipend, Last Call Chernobyl + The Daisy Anthesis

Tuesday, October 12th @ The Seahorse (Halifax, NS)
Clutch AfterParty w/ Iron Giant + Big Game Hunt

Sunday, September 19th @ Plan b (Moncton, NB)
w/Spine Splitter + Bong Jovi

Saturday, September 18th @ Sunstar Lounge (Saint John, NB)
w/Spine Splitter

Friday, September 17th @ Heritage Lounge (Summerside, PE)
w/Death Valley Driver

Saturday, September 11th @ Coconut Grove (Halifax, NS)
w/Black Moor + Last Call Chernobyl

[earlier listings not yet archived]